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Promoting your product on the PharmBonus platform

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News, unique articles and recommendations, event announcements, webinars

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Presentations, video lectures and video seminars with testing at the end of training

Native integrations

Native integration of the trade name of the product in various types of content

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Direct collection of data from the target audience. Targeted survey

Support of marketing campaigns

  • Production of content
  • Production of graphical design
  • Development of IT-products
  • And much much more
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Selecting the target group according to your criteria

  • Personalized publication of your content
  • Maximum effectiveness of the advertising campaign
  • Rational use of the marketing budget
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For specialists

  • No bias towards your products or educational content
  • Topical and targeted information
  • Accessible whenever and wherever desired
  • Instant access to the information required
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For companies

  • Optimize promotion expenses
  • Additional channel to promote your product
  • Plan your content
  • Professional community of manufacturers
  • Use native tools to promote your product
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